Wayzata Tech Holding Co. OrangeHook Is Raising $3m


OrangeHookWayzata-based OrangeHook is raising $3m through Northland Securities in a mix of equity and debt options, according to this recent disclosure.

OrangeHook is an investment holding company led by former Multiband CEO James Mandel, who has moved on after the $100m+ buyout in 2013.

“Our objective is to become a leading accelerator for post development, as well as pre- and early revenue generating companies. We intend to provide capital to fund the growth of sales as well as centralized financial, marketing, legal, regulatory, and consulting services designed to reduce Selling, General and Administrative Expenses across our portfolio companies. “

Disclosed related companies include California-based Nuvel & LifeMed ID, Michigan-based Salamander, and Washington-based Agilivant.

The company has about a $5m paper trail in external funding, with additional founders capitalization likely. We’ve reached out to Mandel for more and will update this post as necessary…