Use These Mobile Apps To Navigate Snow Emergencies In Minneapolis & St. Paul


Tow TimeAs another major snowfall descends upon the Twin Cities, avoid the expensive aftermath of a tow by arming yourself with the right technology.

Spanning both Minneapolis and St. Paul, the free Snow Alerts app by Bust Out Solutions has been out for a few years now for iOS:

“End the panic! Know exactly where to park during a snow emergency. Get push notifications when an emergency is declared, AND when it’s time to move your car. See the snow emergency parking rules laid out in a beautiful, crystal-clear timeline. Read each rule spelled out so that it makes perfect sense. Breathe easy and enjoy the falling snow!”

For those in Minneapolis, the city iteself has published two apps, available on either iOS or Android:

“Avoid the cost and hassle of a ticket and tow during a Snow Emergency. The updated Minneapolis Snow Emergency app now tells you if and when a Snow Emergency has been declared and puts all the parking rules right in the palm of your hand. The app tells you where you can and can’t park on Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 of a Minneapolis Snow Emergency. This app also allows you to sign up for email and text alerts and features a quick call button that connects you with Minneapolis’ Snow Emergency hotline. A Snow Emergency will not be declared later than 6 p.m., so when the snow flies just open the app to find out of one is in effect.”

And the City of St. Paul also just released its own city wide app, also for iOS and Android:

“Make sure you don’t get towed this winter. Download the Saint Paul Winter Snow Parking app.  The Saint Paul Winter Snow Parking app provides:
• notifications when snow emergencies are declared
• when and where you need to move your vehicle
• a map showing where you can and cannot park during all phases of the snow emergency
• basic snow emergency parking information
• contact information if you have questions
• towing locations and contact information
• links to snow emergency information in 8 different languages”