VC Backed Startup TrackIF Changes Name to MyAlerts



Via News Release

MyAlerts is the new name of TrackIf, a Minneapolis ­based venture backed technology company that counts top 200 retailers as its customers.”

Consumers are overwhelmed with the volume of mass marketing they receive and frustrated with the irrelevancy of the marketing they get from most sites, which has led to over 100 million online consumers using ad­blocking, spam filtering, resulting in all­time low open rates.

With large retailers increasingly focused on customer centricity, MyAlerts allows any site to provide their customers the ability to self­personalize the types of products, brands, categories, and content they want from any site. With MyAlerts, customers can opt­in for alerts on the things they want, versus getting sent a series of marketing emails promoting products the site wants.

Even with companies investing millions into personalization technology, consumers still don’t feel the matches and recommendations are good, and don’t like the fact that sites are monitoring their every move in order to send them offers and deals they didn’t ask for. With

MyAlerts, consumers have full control over what and when they get alerts and offers, which increases engagement and loyalty between them and the sites they shop at.

MyAlerts also solves many of the top consumer complaints with sites, especially allowing them to sign up for “back in stock” alerts when products aren’t available. They can also sign up for price drop alerts on products they intend to buy in the future, deal alerts on exact categories of products (men’s shoes in my size), new item alerts for their favorite designers or categories of any site, product review alerts when new reviews are posted, and can use our Favoriting technology which is like a next generation wish list feature.

By giving consumers control, the sites are seeing higher opt­in rates of their consumers online, and much higher open and return rates to their sites ­ sometimes as much as 10X higher than their standard mass­marketing programs, and the platform has captured hundreds of millions in future purchase potential for the MyAlerts clients.

“This technology truly changes the relationship between sites and their customers from transactional where consumers come, look, leave sites at 90% or higher rates, to more interactive 1:1 relationship where consumers find and follow what they want, get updates they asked for, and return to the site at much higher frequencies, which is closer to how Facebook functions online.” said Doug Berg, CEO of MyAlerts.

This not only benefits the consumers, but the sites now have direct visibility and interaction with their customers and the things they are following and intend to purchase in the future, which allows them to better service their customers, understand the high demand areas, and engage with customers in ways they could only dream of before MyAlerts.

The MyAlerts platform has been aggressively adopted by several of the top online sites including Neiman Marcus Last Call, Cost Plus World Markets, Sportsman’s Guide, Joie, HomeAway, Target Gift Registries, Wilson’s Leather, BJ’s Warehouse Club, and the largest home improvement retailer, where MyAlerts has captured and provides automated engagement with millions of customers online.

“We believe consumers ultimately want control over their marketing, and by doing so, you not only honor your customers, but you also get greater engagement and insights in return.” said Berg. “We’re working on several other areas and industries to provide customer centric solutions that help online sites to serve their customers and solve other major issues that still exist on the web.”

MyAlerts raised it’s $5 million dollar A round in late 2015, and has recently added James Wallen a retail industry technology sales executive as its Vice President of Sales, and will also be featured at major industry events such as eTail West, and the NG Retail Summit in early 2016.