Minnesota Tech Transplant TruScribe Launches TruGlyph iOS App

TruGlyphFast growing video production company TruScribe has released its first product, launching TruGlyph today to take their signature style to iOS.

Scribology is the company’s unique method for creating moving graphics that communicate by using hand-drawn whiteboard videos. Here’s a classic example in action that conveys Weird Al Yankovic’s mission statement:


TruGlyph aims to take things to the next level by creating a marketplace for glyphs — univerally recognized and tagged images — that can be added into content by customers.

It’s both an app and a community, one where creators can be recognized and compensated for their efforts.  And they’re launching with 15,000 glyphs already in the library, seen as the building blocks to a new visual language.

“Communication can be greatly enhanced if there’s a richer way of understanding each other through language barriers,” says cofounder and CRO Andrew Herkert. “Visual language has to be a lot more than emojis. Humans need more context and meaning in their communications.”

This is all part of a new direction, one where the company will be expanding beyond their traditional labor intensive service model and enter into a DIY SaaS world so customers can ultimately make their own videos on demand by tapping into the glyph database.

Because the service model can be too time consuming and expensive for some customers, Herkert suggests that this evolution will do more than just appeal to a broader base — it will also scale faster.  Following the iOS release will be an Android app, as both will pre-empt their big push into the self serve subscription model.

Founded in 2011 by Wisconsin entrepreneur Eric Oakland, TruScribe moved headquarters to Minneapolis in 2014 under new local CEO Odeh Muhawesh.  They were ranked as the 253rd fastest growing company on the 2015 Inc. 5000 list based on 3 year previous growth, clocking in 2014 revenue at $2.4m.

Herkert says that 2015 ARR for the firm was around $4m and they’ve topped 600 enterprise customers, including Microsoft, HP, NASA, Fidelity. With 30 employees overall, Herkert predicts that 2016 will be a breakout year for our company, “hiring by the tens and twenties.”


Video Tech Startup Truscribe Moving HQ From Wisconsin To Minneapolis