St. Paul Startup When I Work Hits The 100 Employee Mark, Up 150%+ YoY

Earlier this month, we looked at the hiring trends of some VC-backed startups, but were unable to determine where some stood since they didn’t have any open positions posted on LinkedIn’s hiring platform.

Well today at the Enterprise Rising Conference When I Work CEO Chad Halvorson announced that the St. Paul based SaaS company just hired it’s 100th employee, up 150%+ from 40 employees 12 months ago this time.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 1.46.18 PM

VC Patrick Meenan (Left) with LeadPages CEO Clay Collins (middle) and Halvorson (Right)

Halvorson says the vision for 2016 is to hire between 50-75 more, in line with current mix of 50% product/dev & 50% sales/marketing/customer care.

Launched in 2010, When I Work’s employee scheduling software earned them a 2013 Minnesota Cup High Tech division victory followed by $4m in funding and another $5m paired with strategic acquisition.  Today they serve 15,000 customers from across 50 countries and realize $10m in annual recurring revenue (ARR).

To hear more from the bag boy turned Inc. 35 under 35 entrepreneur, see Chad next at the Midwest Capital Call on March 11.


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