Minnesota Wearable IoT Startup HabitAware Has Joined HAX Hardware Accelerator In China

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 8.35.18 PMMinnesota wearable startup HabitAware has recently joined Hax, an international accelerator for hardware makers. 

Cofounder Sameer Kumar says his company is one of 14 selected from around the world to participate in the spring cohort.

Their product in development is a smart wrist band for individuals who suffer from Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors such has hair pulling, nail biting or skin picking.

“HabitAware is a patent-pending wearable device that awakens your awareness to curb the behaviors you want to, in real-time.  Awareness is the most critical and the most difficult step to overcoming these undesirable behaviors.  This innovative solution is backed by academic research and can be used on its own or to augment a standard Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) program led by a licensed psychologist. With consistent use, you can re-train your brain and break yourself of these habitual behaviors.”

HabitAware’s origination dates back to October 2014 at the IoT Hackday, where the idea was born. Fast forward a year later and they went on to win LogicPD’s inaugural digital innovation challenge, gaining validity, knowledge, connections and cash.

HAX is a well known and widely respected hardware accelerator situated between Silicon Valley and Shenzhen, China. Some might recognize the name from back in the day when Spark (now Particle) was still based here, for they had gone through the program back when it was called HAXLR8R.

Kumar declined to elaborate on the specific terms of engagement, but in general the accelerator offers options of $25,000 for 6%, $100,000 for 9%, and up to $200,000 extra in matching funds.  From the team, John Pritchard, Sameer and wife Aneela will be in China through mid-May before stateside demo day in San Francisco mid-May.


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    A well deserved win for an excellent team. Wishing them well in this adventure.