The Enterprise Rising Videos



Enterprise RisingMinnesota’s Enterprise Rising Conference returned to Minneapolis last month at the University of St. Thomas for a full day of perspective on all things enterprise tech. 

This event is both entrepreneurial in nature and features qualified perspectives; we captured it all to share with our audience.

Click here to see the four startups that presented: The Big Know, Equals 3 Media, Adestinn, Engage.

Rick Zullo [1]
Rick Zullo [2]
Allen, Goodmanson, Khan [1]
Allen, Goodmanson, Khan [2]

Carson Kipfer [1]

Carson Kipfer [2]

Guy Turner

Meenan, Collins, Halvorson [1]
Meenan, Collins, Halvorson [2]
Priscilla Koeckeritz
David Woodbury