RxConnect Is Raising A $1.8m Equity Round For Dental Software

Digital Dental Solutions

Minnetonka-headquartered Digital Dental Solutions, DBA RxConnect, is raising $1.8m in equity financing per this SEC disclosure, with the first sale yet to occur.

“RxConnect takes the place of traditional paper and faxed prosthetic prescriptions as a computer/tablet-based digital dental prescription generator, transmitter and tracker. Our digital prescription form allows dentists to electronically transmit new prescriptions or renewal authorizations to their dental laboratories – resulting in error-free, perfectly legible prescriptions.”

In doing so, RxConnect reduces the risks associated with traditional prescription script writing, therefore drastically reducing the need for remakes and the resulting need for rescheduling patients.  RxConnect also enables you to take another step toward paperless record-keeping. By sharing dental prescription information electronically, the RxConnect platform connects the patient’s entire restorative team of dental professionals. Additionally, our HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based prescription storage, will replace your need for traditional paper storage for the 7-year requirement.”

Donald Bodin started the company in 2012 after uncovering the opportunity while managing his fathers dental practices and equipment. The venture has raised a known $160k last year under Minnesota’s Angel Investment Tax Credit program.


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