Alex Rodriguez Selected To Participate In Google’s CODE2040 Residency Program



Via USA Today

“SAN FRANCISCO — Google is funding the expansion of a program from non-profit CODE2040 with the goal of creating more opportunities for African-American and Latino entrepreneurs outside of Silicon Valley.

Starting this year, minority entrepreneurs in seven cities from Austin to Nashville will get a $40,000 yearly stipend and free office space to build their start-ups while they build bridges to technology for minorities in those communities.”

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  • Paul Prins

    Major props to Alex Rodriguez for nailing spot, and repping MN well. Does your hustle have limits?

    • Alex Rodriguez

      Appreciate that, Paul!

  • Dave Mao

    Way to go, A-Rod! We’re expecting great things from you! :)

    • Alex Rodriguez

      Thank you, Dave! I try to make sure no one has bigger expectations for me than myself :).