GLITCH Partners With the The Minnesota Orchestra To Explore Music In Digital Gaming


Earlier this month, The Minnesota Orchestra partnered with GLITCH to bring a unique mix of music and gaming technology to concertgoers.

At the Playful Sounds exhibit, held at Orchestra Hall, 7 local composers showed off examples of their music in the form of digital games.

The exhibit was free and open to the public, so people drawn from the street by the colorful displays also enjoyed the games along with the 2,085 concertgoers attending the sold out show.

GLITCH’s Executive Director Evva Kraikul couldn’t be more pleased with the partnership. “With this event, the Minnesota Orchestra helped us showcase local artists who are creating musical compositions and sound effects that immerse gamers into an alternate reality. It was a great chance to applaud their efforts, and a way to give music lovers and up-close look at another side of the games industry.”

Composers & Games Represented included : Charles McGregor, Neon Ritual, Rob Frost and Tommy Sunders (art) – Joggernauts, Tori Kamal – Oppo-Citrus, Bryan Schumann – Tiki Torcher, Danika Ragnhild – Chimera Genesis, Mark LaCroix – Metro Nexus, Troy Strand – Jamstik+

This won’t be the last time the two orgs team up, according to Jessica Rau, Manager of Community Engagement and Innovation, Orchestra Hall. “The Minnesota Orchestra audience increasingly wants to be involved in the music creation process and feel connected to our organization through unique activities–a separate form of engagement from sitting and listening to a concert. What better way to be a part of this process but through games that champion music making and are fun to boot?! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for our partnership.”


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