Thank You Sponsor: Harbinger Partners

by The TECHdotMN Team

HomeIt is important to recognize those who financially sponsor TECHdotMN because their reinvestment advances Minnesota’s technology industry.

Thank you Harbinger Partners!

What is Harbinger Partners?

Harbinger fosters long-term partnerships with both employees and clients. Clients of Harbinger find the pool of talent is unmatched. We work closely with our employees to find the right opportunity for their skills, keeping them happy and engaged along the way. Harbinger consultants are leaders in their specialties and have made us an 12 time Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Best Place to Work.

When did the company start?

Harbinger Partners was the idea of former IT consultant Scott Grausnick. Scott believes that everyone should have the opportunity to own his or her own business. His goal was to create this opportunity for others by providing resources to help tech consultants connect with some of Minnesota’s best companies.

What is something unique about your company?

Harbinger Partners is a 12 time Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Best Place to Work winner and four time Minnesota Business 100 Best Companies to Work honoree.

Why do you sponsor TECHdotMN?

We chose to sponsor TECHdotMN because your audience is the same group of people we want to target with our marketing efforts. TECHdotMN is also one of the bookmarks many on our team frequent for the fantastic content you put out. TECHdotMNhas the pulse of the tech industry in the Twin Cities.

How could Minnesota’s tech industry improve from your perspective?

Our complete lack of fortune 500 tech companies. We have a decent startup/mid size tech community, but we just don’t have big tech companies locally.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We believe we could find ways to tell Minnesota’s story more effectively. For instance, many people from other parts of the country make false assumptions about Minnesota (ie it’s cold all the time, there isn’t much going on culturally, it’s flyover country, the people aren’t very smart/ambitious). Then, when people acutally visit or move here they are blown away. One of our recruiters was just having a conversation with a developer who grew up here, moved to new york for a number of years, and just moved back. He said we (locally) don’t even understand how great we have it. Coming from New York he think Minneapolis is one of the best cities in the world to live and work. So much going on, family friendly, smart, educated people, low cost of living, etc.