Beta Byte: HeadSmart




Beta Byte is a series underwritten by Bust Out Solutions for that early stage tech found somewhere between idea and traction.

What is the name of the company and/or product?

The company is AppLete & product is HeadSmart App

What problem does this solve and what was the “aha” moment?

AppleLete’s mission is to end the concussion epidemic in amateur athletics. We have built an app called HeadSmart that educates athletes in using sport-specific material and is presented by a sports-specific star athlete in educational videos.

bviously concussion awareness is a big topic in every sport. We have found that education is provided to coaches and officials (secondary actors/participants) to be ready in the instance a brain injury occurs. HOWEVER, the big miss is that the sports’ governing bodies are not providing concussion education to the athletes – the primary actors. We will fill that gap through our app HeadSmart.


The HeadSmart app is an interactive pre and mid season educational video and test. Star athletes present to on ways to help prevent concussions through concussion education and prevention as well as general resources on post concussion treatment.

The value this provides is:

  • Lessen the number and chances of recurring brain injuries
  • Reduces insurance premiums for governing bodies of sports
  • Increases marketability to the parents of youth athletes that the sport is being proactive
  • Helps keep head injuries top-of-mind (get it?) through continual contact through notifications

My “ah-ha” moment came when I was sitting and taking a concussion education certification to officiate ice hockey. I referee the little tykes all the way up to collegiate men’s ice hockey. Unfortunately, shortly after speeding through the terrible concussion video available to acquire my certificate of completion, I witnessed 3 concussions happen in three different ice hockey games. That’s when I knew we were focusing on educating the wrong actors in sports.

What is the full launch/release date planned?


Who is on the team?

Scott Olson

Ian Felling

Dustin Martin

What is the specific technology or combination of technologies is used? Is there any IP?

Currently we are in Beta test for the iOS app. Soon after testing and customer acquisition, we plan on building the desktop and Android version.

What is the size/scope of your market and how will you scale?

We are targeting three market segments:

1. Governing sports entities (i.e. USA Hockey, US Soccer, US Football, US Lacrosse, etc.)

2. Sports Associations

3. Sports specific retailers/advertisers

The governing bodies memberships range from 565,000 to 4.9m registered members/sport. We plan on scaling through a combination of bootstrapping, strategic partnerships, some seed funding and sprinkle in a little bit-o-luck.

What is your revenue model?

We have two revenue streams:

  1. The monthly charge to the entity/customer based on the number of registered participants
  2. Co-branding in-app advertiser revenue

What is your greatest strength?

I truly believe that it is the passion behind our product. Really we’re talking about bettering lives and creating a safer environment for kids. As a self-proclaimed sports “nut” and referee, it is my job both on the ice and through technology to help educate the youth athletes so they do not get seriously injured by playing something as enjoyable as a game/sport.

What is your biggest weakness?

Gaining traction as this is a new twist on a problem. Most are trying to solve concussions with remedies. Meaning: they are helping the cause by return to play and injury tracking. There are thousands of baseline and impact testing apps in the app stores. But unfortunately, these are all necessary after-the-injury solutions.

Our goal is to remove the issue of concussions before it becomes an issue. Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We will continue to attack this problem and pivot if needed.

What is one resource you could use that would take this to the next level?

Lotto Jackpot? Just kidding! We could really use lobbyists to be educated in that it shouldn’t ONLY be the Coaches and Officials who are trained in concussion education but the players themselves. September 1st, 2011 is when Governor Dayton signed into law that every three years coaches and officials of contact and non-contact sports need to be certified using current testing methods. I feel we as a society need to have this extended to the active participants – the players themselves if we are to truly make an impact in the occurrences of concussions.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

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