TruScribe Turns To Kickstarter For $100k


Whiteboard-style video production company TruScribe has turned to Kickster for their latest endeavor, seeking to crowdfund $100k for the ‘TruGlyph Marketplace’:

“We are crowdsourcing a Global Visual Language, and we’re asking creatives; artists, word nerds, and everyday folk, to join our community and contribute to our efforts through our TruGlyph app. And we need your help to create the TruGlyph Marketplace that will reward those that contribute in the most meaningful ways. We believe crowdsourcing and crowdfunding go hand in hand.”

The TruGlyph iOS App launched in February to broaden their creative capacity and while productizing the creative to some degree; this Kickstarter campaign builds off that release with the goal of leveraging community for contribution.

Following a move from Wisconsin to Minnesota last summer, TruScribe continues to grow and evolve here. They were ranked as the 253rd fastest growing company on the 2015 Inc. 5000 list based on 3 year previous growth, with 2014 revenue at $2.4m.

2015 ARR for the firm was around $4m from 600+ enterprise customers, including Microsoft, HP, NASA, Fidelity.  Chief Revenue Officer Andrew Herkert predicted that 2016 will be a big year for TruScribe, “hiring by the tens and twenties.”


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  • Andrew Herkert

    Over $1,200 from 10 backers on day one! whoa! must have been the techdotmn article ?