Local Software Startup Corology Helps Companies Keep It Real


Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.37.20 AMIf self awareness is key to better personal performance, what about a fully aware group of people who also happen to work together every day?

That’s the fundamental question at Corology, a new Minnesota software startup founded by repeat tech entrepreneur JJ Parker and partner Melissa Albers.

“We’re bringing self awareness throughout an entire organization,” Parker says of how Corology came to be through his own first hand needs while running Tightrope Media Systems, a 35 person tech co. in St. Paul.

“So I wrote some software to automate 360 reviews at Tightrope…” Parker begins to explain, “It was really was a new thing for all of us, admittedly very eye opening and impactful in the end. I learned so much about myself as a leader and my team as individuals.”

Some time had passed since Parker deployed his software internally when a mentor suggested he connect with Melissa Albers, a known professional development coach.  The duo first met about year ago and began toying with the notion of combining Parker’s code with her consulting experience into a packaged offering for other businesses to deploy with automated ease.

“I had this code and she had this greater understanding of what makes an organization successful…it was very coincidental,” he recalls, “as 360’s are not exactly a new idea, but one that’s ready for a revisit we realized.”

Corology starts with an anonymous peer reviewed survey for each and every employee in the company, from the intern to the CEO, all are included equally. As the method implies, lots of data is collected about how each person around perceives one-another, with an aggregated evaluation ultimately.


Once the results have been collected, analyzed and shared — the software takes things to the next level with targeted coaching content as part of an ongoing professional development path with goal setting and follow-on behavior reviews included.

“Corology is about ongoing personal development, not just performance reviews.”



Parker says that they ended up successfully piloting the Corology at two outside firms and raising some $350k from a local angel investor to turn the experiment into a bona fide startup company with bigger ambitions.

“We’re not changing how 360’s work, but we are making them more cost effective, widely accessible, and supportive,” he concludes.


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