Code42 Plans Minneapolis HQ Move & Plots Boulder Office


Enterprise backup and security software firm Code42 plans to move its global Minneapolis headquarters from 1 SE Main to 100 S Washington Ave come early 2017.

An expiring lease triggered the decision to look at Washington Square after more than four years at Riverplace, says CEO Joe Payne, who replaced Code42 cofounder and visionary Matthew Dornquast in July.

“We’ve started to build out our 65,000 square foot space — the current development plans for the building are very attractive to our employees and will also allow us to better serve our customers,” he explains.

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In addition to the Minneapolis transition, Code42 opened an office in San Mateo, CA earlier this month and has goals to be in or around Boulder, CO later this year.

Code42 has raised approximately $137m in venture financing since 2001 inception and has intentions of becoming a publicly traded company.  When we looked at the hiring trends of VC backed companies in February, they claimed some 360 total employees according to LinkedIn data.



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