Beta Byte: HealthTeam360


healthTeam360Beta Byte is a series underwritten by Bust Out Solutions for that early stage tech found somewhere between idea and traction.

What is the name of the company and/or product? Where is it found online?

HealthTeam360 –

What problem does this solve and how will this create value?

Pain point for health care consumers: understanding how to make smart choices for personal health care needs with so little guidance, resulting in poor value (inadequate outcomes / costs).  Point point for employers and plans: paying for portions of claims that result in sub-optimal value.

HealthTeam360 introduces efficiencies, saves stakeholders money by increasing value of health care services that are utilized, delivering improved outcomes at optimal cost.


What is the full launch/release date planned?


Who is on the team? 

Stephen Bolles – Founder & CEO

Clinical advisory team in place;

GUST profile here.

What is the specific technology or combination of technologies is used? Is there any IP?

PHP structure on SQL db with proprietary process and algorithm generator.

What is the size/scope of your market and how will you scale?

Forty per cent of the forty per cent who use integrative health care services and products is target market. Scale will require connecting with provider resources for performing reviews and local providers for access to services.

What is your revenue model?

D2C retail purchase revenues, aggregator-sponsored revenues (PEPY, utilization ramp)

What is your greatest strength?

Knowledge of the industry and facility with integrative health care providers and resources.

What is your biggest weakness?

At present access to capital for MVP for testing and development.

What is one resource you could use that would take this to the next level?

See ‘weakness’ above.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

With health care becoming increasingly retailized, HealthTeam360 is expected to represent a type of critical decision support tool for health care consumers who are in the position more and more of paying for most elective services out of pocket.


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