The Ultimate Guide To Coworking In Minnesota 2016

by The TECHdotMN Team

With assistance from Entrepreneur In Residence Susan Greve and local designer Ryan Pedersen, we have created a resource that showcases a variety of coworking  spaces in the state of Minnesota, each offering something a little different.

Here is the most recent version, 3.0, Summer 2016

We did this because coworking environments are a key part of the technology ecosystem for freelancers, solopreneurs, and startups. There are more options available most would realize, a total of 19 at the time of publishing.

This one of a kind v1 guide will evolve and enhance year over year. Thanks for reading, we hope you learn something new that supports your professional goals!



  • Don Ball

    Wow, this is like the Magna Carta of MN coworking! Great job, you guys. Thanks!

  • sarah morrison

    Wow! This is very comprehensive!
    Two comments:
    1) Can you add whether or not the space allows drop-ins? When I was looking for a 6-week co-working space in another city recently, I really struggled to find locations that allowed drop ins. I know there are a handful in the Twin Cities that are open to drop ins.
    2) You missed on located on the north side!

    • Jeff Pesek

      hi sarah – thanks, we’re working on an iteration to v1 and will see what we can do to include neon.
      what do you mean by drop in…like a short term/temp membership?

      • sarah morrison

        Yep – Exactly! Short term or 1/day week, use the space as needed.

  • Liz Tupper

    Great list!

  • Mimi Gentz [mimig@MSFT]

    If you do an update, could you include Office Outpost in Grand Marais?

    • Jeff Pesek

      Hi Mimi, check out the latest version, it includes Office Outpost:

  • Shannon DeBoer

    This is great but you are missing a big one! VirtualOffiCenters has 5 locations in the Twin Cities and are a great coworking space!


    LOVE IT!

    Could you include FLOCK?
    We are a Minneapolis-based 6,000 square foot coworking site that provides style, fast technology, free parking, and group spaces that encourage collaboration between like-minded individuals in the creative business. We’re right next to Eat Street in the Whittier neighborhood.
    If you’d like you can contact or visit our website for more information!

  • Laurie Riekmann

    For outside of Msp/St. Paul – specifically in Rochester, MN there is Collider ( which opened fall of 2016. Cube is now closed. You may also want to investigate Envision in Mankato as I heard it closed recently.