Reemo Joins Forces With Treehouse

Reemo-Treehouse-HealthMinneapolis startup Reemo (aka Playtabase) has joined forces with local health tech ‘innovation center’ TreeHouse Health, according to CEO Al Baker.

Baker had alluded to the development during his pitch at Minnebar’s Piranha Pool over the weekend, and subsequently confirmed the new relationship this week.

Reemo was formed in 2012 as a hardware and software product and has since evolved to focus exclusively on the software layer for wearable devices like Samsung Gear.  Their purpose is to give senior citizens greater control of their surroundings — such as lighting, locks, and thermostat — and through simple wrist gestures.

On the flip side, families and care takers have a unique means of observing and communicating with their loved ones.

Under the arrangement, Baker says TreeHouse is investing $100,000 of value between money, space, and additional services; it’s unclear just how much of that is actual cash and what the equity stake exchange is.

“Reemo is extremely excited to join the TreeHouse Health community,” Baker expressed.  “JD Blank and the team have been apart of our journey and will continue to be for the next 18 months while we operate out of TreeHouse.”

TreeHouse, which opened in the fall of 2013, has been on a roll as of late, recently recruiting local startups Carrot Health last November, POPS! Diabetes Care in February, and  Sansoro Health earlier this month.


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