Meet the Entrepreneurs Trying to Get Target to Think Like a Startup



By Polina Marinova, Fortune

“After spending years as a product manager at Amazon, PayPal and Rosetta Stone, West Stringfellow, 37, decided to take a 10-month vacation and travel. During a trip to Los Angeles, he took full advantage of the fact that, for the first time in nearly a decade, he wasn’t working in a straight-edge corporate environment. He left L.A. with two diamond studs in his nose.”

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  • Jeff Pesek

    Interesting read with greater objective perspective than most of the stuff on topic…some key takeaways:

    “Target needs the program to succeed for several reasons – perhaps the most important being the competition…And digital sales account for only 3% to 4% of all of Target’s overall sales, trailing competitors such as Kohl’s and Macy’s”

    “He’s in the process of recruiting
    engineers and product managers in Silicon Valley, but declined to give
    any details other than labeling the project “super cool, “baller” and

    “For Stringfellow, who has described the
    culture as “a little passive-aggressive,” it’s the pace that bothers him
    most. For instance, Stringfellow says meetings that should only last
    two minutes run long due to the “Minnesota nice” behavior of the
    employees – meaning they are sometimes too polite and averse to

    “In reality, it remains to be seen whether Target can incorporate new, untested practices into its long-term strategy… “Target understood they wanted EIRs, but I
    don’t think they understood what that meant,” Stringfellow says. “I am
    100% certain they were not prepared for who they got.”