Squishy Circuits Clears Kickstarter Goal


Last Monday, AirJamz was Minnesota’s weekend Kickstarter clear — this time it’s Squishy Circuits.

With 15 days still remaining on this campaign, Squishy Circuits has exceeded their minimum threshold of $30k from 466+ backers.

Created by University of St. Thomas professor AnnMarie Thomas and commercialized by Matthew Schmidtbauer, Squishy Circuits is a kit for kids ages 3 or more to learn the fundamentals of circuitry through conductive and insulating play dough.  Power is supplied by a 4AA battery pack and travels through the dough to power to LEDs, buzzers, or motors.

Schmidtbauer took the idea (with permission) from Thomas and her group circa 2011 and launched the Squishy Circuits Store to eventually bring the concept across thousands of classrooms, homes, libraries, and museums in all 50 states and over 20 countries since.

The funding for this campaign will be used to produce next generation Squishy Circuits and to develop additional projects under the brand.


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