[Podcast] The Virtual Reality Show

by The TECHdotMN Team


Andreessen Horowitz partner Benedict Evans aptly described virtual reality as “An idea maze of possibilities,” saying “you can divide the world into people who think VR is part of the future and people who haven’t had the demo yet.”

And he’s right. Until you’ve exprienced VR firsthand, it’s difficult to grasp the feeling and appreciate the implications this new era of technology will have on business as we know it.    With that in mind, we gathered four local minds already blazing trails in the world of VR. They were selected based on their demonstrable working knowledge in the space, each with their own angles around incorporating VR into tangible application:

  • Paul Eckhardt – BrickLight Studios – indy game deveveloper.

Questions considered:

What is virtual reality?

What is the difference between virtual reality, augemented reality, and 360 video?

What are the hardware/platform names in vr the space?

Where are we at right now in the evolution?

What is the usage/distribution currently like?

What are each of your business interests in virtual reality?

Where is the bleeding edge development right now? (optional)?

How fare are we from telepresence?

What is the local VR scene like?

What are your predictions in VR world rest of this year?

What are the unintended consequences of a VR world?

Articles referenced:

Google Daydream

Magic Leap

How Artic Cat Is Using VR To Market & Sell Snowmobiles

Goldman Sachs VR report


Visual’s VR app platform

Unity CEO

Social platforms: VRchat, AltspaceVR, JanusVR

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