HAX Hardware Accelerator Is Coming To Town


Hax-Boost-AcceleratorHAX, which considers itself to be “the world’s largest and first hardware accelarator,” is coming to Minneapolis next week.

On Monday, the group will be hosting an open door event in conjunction with Best Buy, followed by a similiar venue on Tuesday in downtown Minneapolis with Target.

The experience is designed to connect their current class of 11 startups with buyers at the source of these two corporate behemoths, and also familiarize HAX with the Twin Cities hardware/IoT communities.

This field trip is exclusive to Minneaoplis in the sense that it’s the only one planned outside of their stateside headquarters in San Francisco.

HAX Boost Program Manager Kate Whitcomb says that between Best Buy and Target, “that’s largely where the domestic action is” when it comes to consumer electronics.

“It may sound contrary to what we think, but most sales are still happening in stores, something like 93% of all purchases. Between Best Buy and Target, there really isn’t a better place to be for sales and distribution of consumer IoT technologies.”

“Amazon is certainly as relevant, yet is different because their e-commerce only approach is rather straightforward. Target and Best Buy have a longer and more formal process for engaging with startups and determining with products to pick up.”

Whitcomb says there will be ample networking over food and beverage with pitches from each product team.

There are no Minnesota startups currently enrolled in HAX, although HabitAware just graduated from their accelerator program and Spark (now called Particle and based in San Francisco) was an early participant.

HAX is currently accepting applications for their next class starting in a month that is focused on “active” IoT/hardware gadgets such as those applied in sports or outdoors.


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