Report Ranks Twin Cities Among Worst Tech Markets For Gender Pay Parity



VuGr_2VGBy Katharine Grayson, Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal

“Minneapolis/St. Paul is the second-worst market nationwide when it comes to pay parity for women and men in tech jobs, according to survey results released last week. Salary-information website Comparably surveyed 10,000 workers in 16 markets and found that median pay for female technology employees in the Twin Cities is about $66,000 per year, compared to roughly $100,000 for men.”

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  • KamJos

    Wow…that is atrocious.

  • Daren Cotter

    It would be nice if Comparably published more details about their data collection & analysis methodologies. That way the community could have an informed opinion on these “survey results” and take action if accurate. As it stands, it’s a bit difficult to see this as anything other than a marketing campaign for Comparably to establish themselves and gain market share.

    • Jeff Pesek

      spot on, Daren. It’s difficult nowadays to take serious any report that doesn’t include detailed methods AND disclosure of raw source data.