Minneapolis HealthIT Startup Delve Health Lands A Trio of First Customers


DelveHealthMinneapolis health tech startup Delve Health has acquired its first paying customers in a big milestone for the fledgling venture.

Delve Health was founded by Wessam Sonbol and Tamer Swidan earlier this year to save research time associated with clinical trial data. A beta byte feature in March describes their value proposition:

“Searching for clinical data on the internet (specific to a disease or a condition), whether to find publications, learn about what clinical trials are out there or to simply learn about what drugs are associated with that disease is exhausting…

With Delve, a user can search for a disease or a condition and the system will do the rest. The system will get all the Publications, Clinical Trials, Experience doctors and even what Drugs have been used. The user can then identify the data they are interested in and save it to a local folder within the system that they can access at any time. This saves users an enormous amount of time and you don’t have to worry about how to document your findings or where to store it. Our “aha” moment was when we hear users say “wow, what you just did in minutes – took me 10 days to do”.”

Research organizations that operate in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry are candidates of benefit, Sonbol explains, and their first three customers are paying in the thousands per year for access to Delve’s solution.

“The fact that we launched less than six months ago and now have three customers is a validation that we’re on to something,” Sonbol says. “Our plan calls for 6-7 by the end of this year.”

Delve has been bootsrapped to this point and Sonbol is entertaining the notion of bring on an angel partner.


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