Minneapolis’ Stratifund Seeks To Capitalize On Equity Crowdfunding


stratifundIf equity crowdfunding does in fact prove to be the next big thing for entrepreneurs seeking investment from the unaccredited masses, then Stratifund has some shovels for sale.

Headquartered in downtown Minneapolis, the venture has a compelling value proposition for those considering making crowdfunding investments:

First, they are curating a comprehensive list of nationwide deals from all the various portals; secondly, they are providing a rating + report for select deals, and lastly, there is an educational compenent.

“There’s a lot of companies emerging to help the issuer, but a gap in creating solutions for the investor. Startup investing is a completely different universe from traditional investing, so we built Stratifund to objectively educate and inform,” says Thaler.

Stratifund’s proprietary system, a blend of human eyes and machine algorithms, includes 30 factors including: team, industry, competition, differentiation and financials — the sort of diligence that would otherwise take a lot of time.

The venture came to life last year to coincide with the JOBS Act Title III, targeting federal crowdfunding exemptions Reg A+ and Reg CF offers. Stratifund does not take any compensation from any of the companies it rates, instead they offer a $10/mo all access pass.

Backed by Jeff Julkowski, Thaler’s peer partners include Marc Snover, Jeff Yurecko, and Dean Banks of X (Formerly GoogleX) is the Board Chair.

“Our mission is to provide transparency into the crowdfunding market and accelerate the trend,” Thaler maintains.  Their reporting service is not yet concerned with intrastate crowdfunding such as our own MNvest, although that direction may shift in the future.

The startup is pursuing an equity crowdfunding campaign of its own.


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