A New Report Says MN’s Digital Health Ventures Are Raising As Much As Med Device This Year


Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.47.12 AMA new report coming out from local nonprofit trade organziation Medical Alley Association highlights the flow of capital into Minnesota’s healthcare economy for the first and second quarter of 2016.

The high level takeaway is that 2016 represents record healthcare investment overall for the state during Q1 +Q2, as 64 companies cumulatively saw $227 million by the half. About $102m flowed into the categories of digital health (skewed by Bright Health’s $80m raise) and medical device, by far the two largest segments of the six total.  These aspects are illustrated below in a slick interactive:


Unfortunately, the report has limitations that create a layer of opacity in the market, which leaves us with some big unanswered questions. For example: what companies are considered to be in what category? How much capital has each respective company received? How much is going to startups vs. later stage or even public?

As long as the org continues to keep this core data under wraps, stakeholders are on their own to decipher the important details they could otherwise use to make smarter business decisions faster.


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