Let The Change Begin: SportsEngine Debuts New Name And Logo

Sports Ngin Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes are inevitable in business, and when one company is bought by another, they kinda have to start playing by a new set of rules.

That’s the tradeoff, what it’s like to literally be owned by someone else, and the reason why some founders remain relentlessly private and closely held.

Which brings us to the big news yesterday of Sport Ngin’s acquisition by division-of-division NBC Sports, which ultimately rolls up to America’s favorite company: Comcast.

In his only press appearance since the acquisition*, co-founder & CEO Justin Kaufenberg says “the company will remain in place and expects no changes to its staff or leadership team,” while marketing director Jim Dahline predicts “business as usual.”

Let’s hope that to be 110% true for the sake of the company’s 250+ employees and the staple of this tech community they’ve become over the years.  Yet the change is inevitable now, and as ink still dries, NBC is wasting no time with a fresh coat of paint on their hot new property — now called SportsEngine and donned with the ubiquitous rainbow peacock.

Benign in essence, this name reflects what many inadvertently called the company anyways. It’s the evolution of a startup that got its dorm room start as Third North Creative, followed by Puck Systems, then Team Sports Technologies, which became modified as TST Media, and officially Sport Ngin in 2013.

Naturally, NBC Sports and parent company Comcast want their new draft pick wearing their jersey from this point forward, in case there was any question as to who the new boss is.

*Taylor Corp was an investor in Sport Ngin and also owns the Start Tribune — a material fact not disclosed in the article.


  • TheDudeAbides

    Journalism at its best: I don’t know, so I’ll speculate…and misspell (*Star). Look at some of NBC’s other acquisitions of previous years…not one of them flies the peacock as you insinuate was forced upon the Sport Ngin folks.

    Did you pause to consider that the pronunciation of Ngin in Sport Ngin was potentially confusing to consumers, and the acquisition was an opportunity for the SportsEngine team to 1. fix that, and 2 leverage the NBC name in the process as they entered the limelight, instead of vice versa? This seems like a smart move, not a edict from new corporate overlords.