Twin Cities Drone School Launches Commercial Drone Training

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 9.54.38 AMTwin Cities Drone School will begin offering a first of its kind commercial drone training course in Minnesota this September.

New drone rules announced by the FAA this summer, in effect on August 29, will require all drone operators to hold a Remote Pilot Certificate, except for hobby and recreational use. Drone pilots must be at least 16 years old, pass a TSA security check, and pass an FAA knowledge test.

The one-day seminar is suited for individuals using drones in application with real estate or weddings, land surveys and mapping, public safety, security, and law enforcement, agricultural, industrial equipment inspections, construction site surveys.

Founder Joel Roggenkamp is combining his passions for aviation and business with  teaching experience to bring the class to life.

“Right now the only way to study for the certificate is to read through a lot of dense technical material published by the FAA that is geared towards someone who is already versed in aviation,” says Roggenkamp.

“Drone pilots are required to have much of the same air traffic control, meteorology, and operational knowledge as airplane pilots.”

Because the course focuses on this required knowledge, rather than on how to fly any particular drone, it is open to both beginners and experienced drone operators.

Starting with two classes this fall —  Brainerd on September 19th and Lakeville on September 24th — Roggenkamp envisions running them every fall and spring; he currently doesn’t see similar any opportunities available elsewhere in the state.


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