Call Limo Wants To Be Tiffany’s Of The Ride-Hailing Scene



By Covey Son, Star Tribune

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 4.09.13 PM“When Jeff Lundquist took his first Uber ride, he was wary as the Honda pulled up. It was unkempt and smelly. He spied a baby seat in the back. He had no idea whose car he was entering or how good the driver was.

But the convenience of calling a ride with just a few taps on the phone on the popular ride-hailing app appealed to him. That gave Lundquist an idea: Why not take the convenience of Uber to the luxurious and professional world of limousines?”

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  • Paul Prins

    Great that Jeff is already generating some revenue! But I do wonder how this service varies from Uber Black/Uber SUV? The longer fairs is an interest aspect that seems appealing in attracting drivers. After reading the article I wonder how they plan on standing apart going forward.

    • Jeff

      Thanks for your questions Paul. Here are a couple things. Uber does not offer limos, we differ with uber black based on all are drivers are regulated limo companies that carry 1.5 million in insurance. We don’t surge charge. Uber has created surge charge maps for their drivers to take advantage of the customer. That’s not us. Look here at are some of are vehicles