Local Startup Precise Impression Launches Mobile Analytics SaaS

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Precise ImpressionBy Adrienne Clairmont

Marketers know the frustration of looking at an analytics report and not knowing what caused the click through rate for a specific product, or why a site visitor bounced from the page.

And having to settle with not knowing was just part of the gig — until now.

Precise Impression is a Minnesota mobile analytics startup combining pre-­click and post-click data into a proprietary platform that manipulates the browser realtime in response to key data points.

As a result, companies that use Precise Impression are able to glean unique insights into information that is missing entirely from traditional analytics softwares like Crazy Egg, Adobe SiteCatalyst, and of course, Google Analytics.

Users can decide which content piece (or pieces) on their site they want to track, creating what the company is calling “PIEs” or Precise Impression Elements, that are added to the dynamic tag manager.

PIEs can be edited and deleted on the fly, resulting in a greater level of customization. From there, the grid size and orientation that they want to use is also implemented.



After the tags have been entered, when a site visitor starts scrolling through the user’s webpage on a mobile browser, the program starts firing the grid, capturing behavioral data and feeding it back into the system’s algorithm. It’s here that the grid system is able to capture the pre­click behavior that ultimately gives companies the insights needed to create better engagement with their desired content.

And as if the pre­click and click data wasn’t valuable enough on its own, the software also offers smart effects ­ essentially, additional functionality to promote site content or products. To demonstrate the potential, let’s say for example, that you have two products that a site visitor can fully view on their screen. When your bestseller (red sneakers) reaches the grid location with the highest engagement (the bottom section, under the white sneakers), a full­page module can pop­out, blowing the red sneakers to full screen.


The best part? You can set those smart effects on your own, without needing a developer in the dashboad.

The brainchild of creator Michael Geatz, Precise Impression originally began as a passion project and outlet for Geatz’s entrepreneurial zeal. Leveraging his development background, Geatz intended to create a dynamic tag manager to fill in the gaps he had identified while working with traditional big box analytics programs.

What came instead was much more robust, and included new analytic metrics, complex algorithms for interpreting big data, advanced services for running those algorithms, dynamic support for tracking elements, and dynamic support for modifying those elements based on output from those algorithms.

Precise Impression officially launched their software on July 20th and is now available for trial runs. And while Geatz will be the first to say that Precise Impression does not intend to compete or replace big box marketing analytics software, it acts as an excellent supplement for companies who want to dive deeper into their mobile data.


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