Meet A Minnesota [Startup] CTO: Brent Kastner



Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.36.31 AMThank you Andcor Companies for underwriting our Meet a Minnesota CTO series, where we get up close and personal with Minnesota’s chief techies.

Brent Kastner is a startup CTO currently with URTURN & Tarmac.

How long have you been working in technology for and what is your technical background?

I’ve been serious about technology since middle school where I ran a BBS with some friends. I worked hard to earn enough money in my early highschool years to buy a 486 that could run DOOM.

Those early years helped me understand the hardware side and I eventually got my professional start working with hardware (servers and networks) in 1996. I transitioned into software development in 2000 as I was working at BestBuy on their first ecommerce website.