ATE: Which MN Tech Companies Are Expanding Into San Francisco?

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 6.59.34 AMFor our second ask the editor, this one is coming in from a local founder/CEO and also has a geographic element

“Do you know of any Minnesota tech companies looking to build up an office in San Francisco starting with a general manager and/or head of sales/business development type role?

The reason I bring it up is a friend and former colleague of mine who relocated from Minnesota to SF about 7-8 years ago is looking at new opportunities.

Super talented from a sales leadership perspective and is one of the few people I’ve met there who also enjoys coming back to Minnesota frequently. The type who puts in long hours too, which is always nice to set the tone for a new office; It would be a great potential candidate for someone.”

Hello there founder/CEO — it’s an interesting question for us with two fold interest:

One, I can’t think of a specific company right now off the top of my head that has an outstanding express interest, although that doesn’t mean they don’t exist — and we would like to know! Given how dynamic industry here is, with 1,500+ tech firms headquartered in MN, there’s bound to be a need.

Two, an endorsement like this coming from you is worth a lot and could be quite valuable to a Minnesota tech company.  Finding pre-screened/qualified candidtates in new markets is a crucial challenge for those scaling out. Perhaps there is a connection to be made here that could really help the right company at the right time.

So, in opening this ATE up to the audience, if you’re out there — leave a comment or drop us a line to connect.