Power Moves Twin Cities: Todd Gardner


This is Power Moves Twin Cities — a video series we produce in collaboration with Power Moves Development. Explore that formative moment, a crucial juncture, or operating mentality that defines the entrepreneur [1]. Hear it today from Todd Gardner, Cofounder, TrackJS.



  • http://tech.mn Jeff Pesek

    “having education and experience is less than half of equation…it can open a door but it can’t keep you there…need to be able to actually execute.”

    haha right?! What someone knows or has done or has been or thinks about this or says about that — it all means nothing compared to their ability to actually make things happen when & where it counts.

    It seems like startups/business only get easier once the execution filter is applied :)

  • http://www.docalytics.com/ Evan Carothers

    Great interview Todd! “A mediocre cog in an enterprise wheel” needs to be on a Tshirt