MN Startup SecretValet Launches Password Free Secure Data Sharing Service



SecretValet is out to change the way we secure and share digital assets by flipping the approach from pull to push.

Their service allows people to store important, sensitive, or personal information fully encrypted and have that information delivered to designated recipients when a triggering event takes place.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 8.09.08 AMThe brainchild of Sahar Ismail, who left Capella to become a startup founder, SecretValet has been in development and beta for the past two years before coming to market earlier this week.

The problem with traditional access to secure digital assets is rooted in the need for a passphrase, something we’re all familiar with in this day and age.

While most people are trading convenience for security, SecretValet believes in both.

Using a “shared secrets” model, users upload files to the site and create their own capsule container with custom question sets that are required to be answered in order to access said files in the future.

“Unlike other, less secure services, you don’t need to tell your recipient, or others, that there is information waiting for them, and you don’t have to rely on others to ensure the information is delivered when you want it to be.  SecretValet is the perfect spot for keeping wills, powers of attorney, and other sensitive files. ”

Not even SecretValet knows the answers, for these are not stored together anywhere outside the minds of those with intimate knowledge, and only accessible via binary match.  SecretValet’s security schema, including eight layer encryption, has been implemented by security guru and Magenic CISO Michael Lester, also a cofounder alongside Ishmail and third partner Doug Marsh.

One of the more unique features include a incapacitation trigger, whereby SecretValet can determine if and when a person is no longer around, and then ship a capsule to the intended recipient. Similarly, a heartbeat service can maneuver data if a user is nonresponsive to communications for a certain period of time

So far, SecretValet has acquired over 100 users and a percentage of those have converted into paying customers; they are developing a B2B affiliate model for reaching scalable distribution.

Ishmail says that the product vision is to integrate access to publicly available information that would trigger delivery based on a known world event.

“Say for example someone becomes president and you want to securely transmit a message or some data only then and if,” she explains — a scenario more and more American’s may be seriously considering these days.


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