Want To Help Twin Cities Start-Ups? Buy something From Them


By Christopher Smith, Star Tribune

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 9.09.00 AM“It’s been a decade since I moved to the Twin Cities from Silicon Valley, the epicenter of the technology world. At the time, my friends and family wondered aloud how this lifelong computer nerd could be leaving all the action in “the Valley” to move to the quieter plains of Minnesota.

I was confident that I could have a successful entrepreneurial career anywhere, and over the last handful of years I helped launch a technology company based here in Minneapolis called Kipsu. We provide a solution that allows service organizations to engage their guests using text messaging and other digital messaging channels.”

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  • Dave Mao

    Amen to this. As an investor, I care more about who your customers are than who your advisors, mentors, or board members are. Absolutely the best way to help local startups is to contribute to their revenue and logo page.

  • Sahar Ismail

    Could not agree more. As the CEO of our Minnesota based startup secretvalet.com , I think businesses should invest in supporting other local entrepreneurs especially that such investment will always be supported by a personal relationship with the owners and who knows, someday in the future when that business strives, it can give back and support its early adapters at many levels.