Will UBERFAN Score a Million?

uberfanMinneapolis sports tech startup Uberfan is seeking to raise $1m of equity financing, according to this recent SEC disclosure.

Uberfan first emerged back in 2012 as a social media platform for baseball fans, with similar ambitions of raising $750k at the time. A year later, they arrived as a baseball app for iOS with $800k in backing and a partnership with SportsData.

Now, the company’s scope spans beyond baseball to include a multitude of different sports, focused on identifying and organizing sports media in real time:

“…UBERFAN is the world’s first and only patent pending technology to auto-sync sports media to related event moment tags, captions, indexes and links. UBERFAN products streamline workflows, increase discovery and improve search. This saves expenses, generates revenue, and increases the value of sports media in real-time and forever as it is published and disseminated throughout the Web.”

Founders Terrence Barthel & Jeff Ess declined to comment on the status of this latest round. More as it’s known…


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