gBETA’s Pre- Accelerator Is Ramping Up This Fall In Minneapolis


screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-12-04-15-pmGener8tor is spreading wings in Minnesota this fall with the introduction of gBETA, a  “pre-accelerator”.

The program is designed to support local tech entrepreneurs in their earliest form, while seen as an onroad for broader ambitions of a full-on gener8tor accelerator launching in Minneapolis early next year.

There is no funding/equity exchange with gBETA, rather teams meet individually and collectively throughout the course of the six week program for curriculum, networking, and mentorship.

mcguire-headshot-320x460“gBETA is basically a truncated version of our main accelerator program,” says Mark McGuire, who relocated to Minneapolis from Wisconsin over the summer to spearhead the initiative.

“It’s gener8tor light in terms of the committment and funding — we’re focused on the basic building blocks of what it means to start something and be an entrepreneur: customer discovery, MVP, first sales, and general validations is an example of the focus here.”

gBETA has executed five cohorts in Wisconsin, where McGuire and gener8tor hail from, now seeking 5-6 local teams local to work with in Minneapolis.

“The only hard and fast criteria we’re looking for is a venture scalable opportunity and coachability.”

The application deadline for gBETA is Sept 30th with office hours on Monday the 26th for those who want to discuss prior.




  • Daren Cotter

    Awesome addition to #MNtech community — welcome Mark!