500 Startups Is Descending Upon Minnesota


screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-11-44-29-am500 Startups, the “badass, global family of startup founders, mentors, and investors,” founded by Dave McClure & Christine Tsai is coming to Minnesota this month to connect with Minnesota tech entrepreneurs.

“We’re an accelerator that actually accelerates,” says 500 Startups EIR/Venture Partner Tristan Pollock, a Minnesota native currently residing in San Francisco.

He’ll be joined by Macalester alum and 500 Startups Venture Partner Max Fram-Schwartz in hosting an event at Vidku on September 29th alongside locals Patrick Meenan, Clarence Bethea, Ashley Boldin and Jim Leslie.

“Our mission in Minnesota is to identify potential entrepreneur partners and to help make connections between there and here,” Pollock explains.

500 Startups breaks down into two components: an accelerator and a seed fund; between the two they boast 1,600+ portfolio companies around the world and are the single largest startup investor by volume.

“We’re very flat as an organization, both Max and myself have the ability to make investment decisions.”

Their 18th accelerator batch is graduating in October, after which Pollock and Fram-Schwartz will be scouting candidates for their class beginning in August.   Their four month immersion offers ambitious tech entrepreneurs $125k on a convertible KISS note and local startup Kidblog is among the 500 startups portfolio.

Entrepreneurs come to us for the family, the global network, and to become growth machines,” Pollock says.


  • Frank Jaskulke

    Does it seem like the attention from outside groups is growing? This, gBeta, Techstars x2, Dundee.
    Minnesota trending in a good way.

    • http://tech.mn Jeff Pesek

      more than feels, its quantifiably growing. the question becomes at what rate, and how does that compare/contrast to other markets?

  • http://VicDesotelle.com Vic Desotelle

    I am developing a startup incubator for ‘micro businesses’ in the Twin Cities in 2017. How do their roles, in the design of a healthy economy, fit into your 500 equation? Kind thx for your input. http://bit.ly/MicroBusinessDefinition VicDesotelle@gmail.com

    • http://www.tristanpollock.com Tristan Pollock

      Hope to see you at the event! If not: tristan@500.co

      • http://VicDesotelle.com Vic Desotelle

        Jo Tristan,
        Are you familiar with microstartups (micro business)?