TECHdotMN TALK w/ Investors Meenan, Mao, Broshar and Cotter


TECHdotMN Talk w/ Patrick Meenan, Dave Mao, Daren Cotter and Ryan Broshar

Questions considered, roughly in order:

Who are you and what is your fund about?

How do you approach follow-on funding?

How many investments have you made and how much dry powder left?

How did the Techstars/Target Retail Accelerator go?

What does your portfolio snapshot look like in terms of growth, death and/ or exits?

What do you look for in a founder?

What actions can investors & entrepreneurs do to take MN tech to the next level?

Where are things trending locally?

What have you learned since you became an investor?

What excites you and what concerns you?

What do you predict happening in 2017?


  • Phil Wocken

    Love this! Great meeting of the VC Minds!