Sportradar Plays The Numbers Game



screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-7-55-59-pmby Sam Schaust, Twin Cities Business

“It’s conventional wisdom that international expansion, multibillion-dollar broadcast contracts and lucrative new stadia are changing the face of pro sports. But none of these are more than a bunt single compared with the home run that is the data revolution. Sports is proving to be the ultimate numbers game, and a local group [Sportradar] is leading the revolution from Minneapolis.”

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  • Jeff Pesek

    This is a good read, Sportradar was overdue for some in-depth storytelling.

  • Sam Schaust

    Thank you, Jeff!

    Sam Schaust here, author of the above piece. Feel free to leave any comments or questions here as I would love to continue the conversation on how data is revolutionizing sports.

    • Jeff Pesek

      yeah Sam, we’re happy to cross-post your relevant content and share with our audience. Too bad TCB pulled its own comments section entirely…what a disservice to you as a journalist :(