Startup School Femtech Preview: Anne Cramer On Culture & Values




Startup School Femtech is a one day crash course on running a tech business that’s taught by practicing female tech founders & executives. Join us for a day of peer to peer learning, advice and inspiration directly from the source of those in Minnesota who are doing it.


Name: Anne Cramer

Title: Founding Partner

Company: Who’s Driving

Created with ease of use in mind, Who’s Driving is a carpool app that efficiently helps you to coordinate carpooling. With just a few simple clicks, all the hassle of spreadsheets and texts, trying to figure out who has to be where is gone. Instead, you can breathe easily knowing that you can send updates and communications in seconds. Carpooling just got a whole lot easier.

Topic: Culture & Values (1:15 – 2:00 p.m.)

Why did you select the topic?

One of the key goals of the founding partners @Who’s Driving (since inception) has been making sure the entire team has similar work values and goals. Achieving the desired culture within our office has been attained by the cumulative attitude + values of every one of our team members. Finding and hiring like-minded employees is key to a successful office culture.

How has culture & values been relevant to your business success?

As a startup, being able to work within the confines of a meager budget means everyone on our team has had to “pitch-in” wherever + whenever possible. Our entire team, no matter what each of our “specialties” is, works together when necessary to achieve a desired result. Specifically, if one team member has time to complete a task/project while another is working on something else, they just do it. No complaining that it is “not my role”. It has made THE difference in the survival of Who’s Driving as we continue to raise + look for funding.

What is a brief introduction to your talk?

Achieving and maintaining the vibe of a business’ culture and its values is often talked about these days as many businesses now utilize remote hires, online meeting spaces and other non-traditional business practices. As a co-founder of Who’s Driving, I had a definite role in defining what I wanted our culture to be. With-in the startup arena, this is something the founding team needs to set through example + foster. We have successfully achieved a healthy balance of fun, hard-work and flexibility within our business.