Lacek’s New Venture Focuses On ADA-Compliant Websites



By Neal St. Anthony, Star Tribune

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-10-57-53-am“Mark Lacek, founder of marketing agencies The Lacek Group and Denali, has started Accessible360, a several-employee firm that works so far with 10 client companies to make sure their websites are accessible to Americans with impaired vision, hearing or cognitive disabilities.”

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  • Jeff Pesek

    i wonder what the status of his previous startup is…believe they raised ~$1m.

    • Casey Allen

      I understand his dev was 100% outsourced and didn’t go well. The product was sunsetted.

      Too bad because the concept was solid and the founder was absolutely the right guy to pull it off.

      Another painful reminder that a successful consulting CEO does not always translate over to being a successful product CEO.

      • Mark Lacek


        Thank you for your thoughts. And, I am on same page with most of them. FamDoo was an experiment to see if loyalty in business could be translated to the family. I still think it can…”rewarding you children for doing the right things”…intellectually and pragmatically it makes sense. I think we overcomplicated the whole process and that is my bad. I take full responsibility. At the same time, we learned and created some pretty incredible things…the Phoenix could rise again. In the interim. we have developed (A360) which is really an amazing little company addressing big time issues in the world. I’m proud of this and our team as we move forward. Who knows what might be next.

        Appreciate your honest feedback. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy!;)


        • Casey Allen

          correct link:

          It would be a sad day for MN entrepreneurship if you stopped launching new companies, Mark. Keep up the hustle!

          • Mark Lacek

            Thanks, Casey!


          • Jeff Pesek

            hi Mark, thanks for the input, i always respect candor! and congratulations on hiring Kelly Heikkila – he’s a good human.

          • Accessible360


            I responded to your email, let me know how I can help, – Michele Landis

  • Jeff Pesek

    …is there any indication that the law will expand beyond current title III scope of “public accomodations”?