TECHdotMN Seed Docs Session 1.0

by The TECHdotMN Team


We are creating ‘off the shelf’ fundraising documents for Minnesota tech entrepreneurs to use in first round financing scenarios, specifically related to intrastate crowdfunding MN Statute 80A.461 aka MNvest.

In doing so, we are seeking input from those actively engaged as:

+MN Tech Entrepreneurs
+MN Tech Investors
+MN Tech Lawyers
+MN Tech Accountants

Our objective is to reduce the complexity and cost associated with fundraising seed rounds using intrastate equity crowdfunding, similar to what KISS, Series Seed, SAFE — and other such standardized documentation have done before in the seed stage.

Enacted on June 15, 2016, 80A.461 means that Minnesota residents can raise financial capital and issue ownership interest from unaccredited individuals also in Minnesota for the first.time.ever.

Part uniform, part custom — TECHdotMN Seed will be uniqely designed for Minnesota’s rules and regulations associated with the MNvest law as well as our entrepreneur/investor environment.

Success will be measured only by the number of Minnesota tech entrepreneurs that can successfully utilize such legal agreements to raise more capital faster using Minnesota’s intrastate equity crowdfunding mechanism.

If you fit one of the aforementioned roles and want to add your expert input in exchange for gratitude and recognition, let us know here. Session 1.0 will be held virtually at TBD time & location during the first half of November; the form will close Nov 1.


  • LittleDuke

    Awesome! Can’t wait to participate.