After NodeSquirrel Buy, VC-Backed Pantheon Opens Office In Minneapolis

by Guest

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-10-41-02-amBy Tyler Gieseke

A new office space for a prominent San Francisco tech firm is now open for business in Minneapolis.

Pantheon, which offers a website hosting and management platform for WordPress and Drupal, launched new locations in both New York City and Minneapolis recently — making good on the plan laid over a year to establish a presence here.

The six year old venture is experiencing a rapid growth phase due both to venture capital infusion ($29m C in July) and demand from the Drupal and WordPress communities, said Adam Segar, a partner manager for Pantheon in Minneapolis.

Segar is one of the first three employees who are stationed at the new Minneapolis location, which sits above Aqua Nightclub & Lounge at First Avenue North and Fourth Street North.

“We’re hoping to have people working for Pantheon in Minneapolis,” said Drew Gorton, Pantheon’s director of community and agency outreach.

Gorton joined Pantheon last year after the company agreed to buy NodeSquirrel last May, a technology for backing up websites. He founded the Eagan-based firm that designed NodeSquirrel — Gorton Studios — in 2001.

As part of the NodeSquirrel transaction, Gorton and another employee agreed to leave Gorton Studios and develop a Pantheon location in the Twin Cities. More than a year later, the physical office is open, and Gorton said he’s happy with the space.

“It’s a large enough that we can host events for the Drupal and WordPress community.”


  • Sam Schaust

    Nice article, Tyler! It’ll be interesting to see if some interplay occurs between Pantheon and local companies like Leadpages (which also operate within the WordPress and Drupal space).