Outside In With Anya Schiess Of Healthy Ventures



screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-8-21-33-amOutside In: Q&A with tech investors from outside Minnesota

The investor: Anya Schiess, General Partner, Healthy Ventures

What is the firm/fund located and what is the short history?

We’re in San Francisco. My Partner and I met at Wharton and I’m a Minnesota native.

My career is all in healthcare hers is all in tech. We both felt like now was the time for the iconic health technology companies to be born. Our complementary experience, expertise, and networks make us uniquely able to appreciate new companies.

What is the typical check size and thesis?

Seed fund. $500K seed check + participation in A; we invest in healthcare infrastructure software

How many portfolio technology companies do you currently have?



Have you experienced any exits?


How many MN-based portfolio technology companies do you currently have?

1 – Sansoro Health

Why are you interested in investing in MN-based technology companies?

Strong founders, good access to talent, real businesses (not just hype). Legacy of healthcare.

What does an ideal MN-based investment look like to you?

Have a product and early revenue (~$250-500K ARR), good founding team representing both business and technical expertise

How do you prefer entrepreneurs connect with and pitch to you?

Email us: [email protected]

What else would be valuable to add?

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we love talking to entrepreneurs and helping them formulate ideas, go-to-market strategies, etc. We look at a lot of deals and know what we’re looking for so we pride ourselves on not wasting entrepreneurs time and giving helpful feedback, whether or not we invest.