Startup School Femtech Preview: Julie Gilbert on Fundraising



gilbertStartup School Femtech is a one day crash course on running a tech business that’s taught by practicing female tech founders & executives. Join us for a day of peer to peer learning, advice and inspiration directly from the source of those in Minnesota who are doing it.


Julie Gilbert is the Founder and CEO of PreciouStatus:

PreciouStatus delivers real-time HIPAA-compliant photos and updates from the education and/or healthcare professionals in charge of care to the family members of the individual. Available anytime, anywhere, and on any device, PreciouStatus offers the only care and communication app that families can use in every stage of life, from infancy to childcare.

Topic: Fundraising, 9:00 – 9:45 a.m.

Why did you select the topic of fundraising?

I chose fundraising because so many myths exist about it both positive and negative. I wish I would have known what I do now 10 years ago! If I can make it a clear process and point out some key “must knows” and save another entrepreneur the pain and “ah has,” I would love to.

How has this been relevant to your business success?

If you do not have key values-based investors with networks who are passionate about your unmet need, you will have a very difficult time making your business a success. It’s key to the foundation of your entrepreneurial endeavors.

What is a brief introduction/overview of your talk?

Top 10 “I wish I would have known” fundraising myths and key answers. How do you start the fundraising process, who do you approach, what do you look for as an entrepreneur, what are they looking for in you, who to ‘go with’ and who to walk away from, how and why. Getting it done! Boom!