Startup School Femtech Preview: Ali Farnsworth on Sales & Partnerships



Startup School Femtech is a one day crash course on running a tech business that’s taught by practicing female tech founders & executives. Join us for a day of peer to peer learning, advice and inspiration directly from the source of those in Minnesota who are doing it.


Alexandra “Ali’ Farnsworth is the Founder & CEO Technology Solutions Group

Created with the goal of presenting the cream of the crop of Minnesota IT’s products and services, Technology Solutions Group acts as an independent representative for local, non-competing companies. Today, Technology Solutions Group represents organizations in niche markets, such as BI/Data Mining, Internet of Things/Embedded, Mobile Application Development/Software Development, IP Phone Systems and Web Development, among others.

Topic: Sales & Partnerships, 9:45 – 10:30 a.m.

Why did you select the topic?

I selected the topic Sales and Partnerships because I am intimate with the topic due to my profession. I have worked in technology sales for a long time and recently started a technology sales as a service company.

How has sales and partnerships been relevant to your business success?

Sales itself involves many Partnerships and many angles including connecting the dots and networking.

What is a brief introduction/overview of your talk?

I would like to talk about how important networking is and most importantly connecting the dots from those networking interactions in order to disseminate a brand or spread the word about your product or service.