Coming Soon: Welfare Watch

by The TECHdotMN Team



Starting in January 2017, we will publish a new monthly column related to a potential financial element of owning and operating a technology company in Minnesota.

Welfare Watch will spotlight individuals, nonprofit and private companies in the local tech industry who are receiving government (read: taxpayer) financial support or subsidy — tax incentives, grants, interest free loans, reimbursements, special favors — whether directly or indirectly.

The column will be forward looking in the sense that only corporate welfare happening in January 2017 and after will be watched.





  • Peter Beacom

    This is a particularly brave topic for Tech.MN to cover. I’m impressed.

  • Ashley Boldin

    Considering “corporate welfare” is typically used as a pejorative, I hope there is an effort to understand and distinguish between “impact investing” and “corporate welfare”. It seems from the description in this article that the only factor for consideration is the financial mechanism and source and not the actual intention behind the funding.

    • Casey Allen

      If history is any indicator, I don’t think the goal here is that will decide what is good/bad, working/not working, high impact/low impact, but rather to dig into the outcomes and financials and let readers decide for themselves.

      Just a hunch. But I guess we’ll see.