Rapid42 Creates Apple Watch App That’s Actually Useful


screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-11-45-55-amBoutique product development agency Rapid42 has released an iOS app for the Apple Watch called Dahdis that’s brilliantly simple and useful.

Designed to provide value for parents with small childen age 1+, Dahdis helps kids learn their basic numbers, letters and colors using the most basic interface imaginable.

It works by flashing one of the above and changing the screen when tapped, in practice, after being recited.

Invented by consummate tech creator Joseph Rueter, the idea came from first hand experience interacting with his two children who always wanted to play with his smart watch.


“Dad, this! How do you keep the attention of a young child for a few minutes at a time and also give them a learning opportunity?” he posits.  “Give them a dose of technology that they can actually learn from!”

“It’s been an effective means of teaching so far,” Rueter explains. “There are certainly other directions to take it but for now, we want to get the basics down.”

Introduced earlier this month, the Dahdis has accumulated a number of early users/adopters and is currently free to download and use.

“It’s live enough not to be super ashamed of it, so really we’re just releasing it so we learn too,” he concludes.


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    We’re encouraged by the user stories and responses thus far. Jeff, thanks for the mention and interest in sharing this app’s story. Onward!