How MinneAnalytics Reinvests Into The Local Tech Community



screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-11-01-28-amVia News Release

MinneAnalytics is proud to to announce the recipients of two scholarships created for Minnesota’s next generation of data scientists and analytics professionals. The 2016 Scholars for Big Data, Analytics and Data Science are Bailey Perry of University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and Daniel Peters of University of Minnesota, Duluth.”

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  • Kelly Kuhn-Wallace

    PROtip: one of these scholarship recipients is seeking an internship and eventually a full-time role. Triple major in math, actuary, & stats? Jump now before you’re at the end of a long line.

  • Kelly Kuhn-Wallace

    Thank you, MinneAnalytics, for this and for all of your tireless efforts to create and support a community around the practice of analytics in MSP.